This is a quote.

~ Captain Obvious on quotes

Some quote.

~ Some guy on quotes

I am going to kill this quote.

~ A ninja on quotes

Wow... this is kind of intimidating. I've never been quoted before.

~ Oscar Wilde (obviously drunk) on quotes

Go away.

~ Some emo kid on quotes

Where did you get this number?

~ The FBI on quotes

Quotes can be hilarious, so why not use them to improve pages?


To insert a quote...
Use this code:

{{q|Phrase to be quoted.|Author|topic}}

To make:

Phrase to be quoted.

~ Author on topic

Remember, only punctuate the author or topic when necessary. Don't bother to put " and " around the quote, that's done for you. Here are some other syntaxes (use only if they apply to the joke).
Use this code:


To make:


~ Author on topic