I'm not even gonna bother to give you a quote.

~ Captain Obvious on not bothering

Why bother to have an actual life when you can sit around drinking all day?

~ A seasoned alcoholic on not bothering

Bothering is a bothersome task, so why bother bothering when you can just not bother instead? The only reason that I'm bothering to write this article is to help you stop bothering.


Why bother having to follow steps? That would simply defeat the purpose of not bothering in the first place. I'll just write up some tips for you.


  • Stop caring about what people say. Just do your own thing. For example, if somebody tells you to go get them an Itaian hoagie, get a Nazi German one instead. Or, if they tell you to go get a life, get a death instead (only $5 at Shop-Rong).
  • Don't do anything. If this means you have to give up your dreams to do nothing, then go ahead.